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About Ayaz Safi

My mission from this website is to make it easier for everyone regardless of ability, age, gender and background to take part in regular physical activities and incorporate them as part of their day-to-day lives in order to lead an active healthy lifestyle.

Most people are unaware of the negative health impact of not engaging in regular physical activity.

This is why I created this website to educated people and give them the knowledge they need for a healthy active lifestyle through physical activity and healthy eating.   


Research has shown that physical activity and healthy eating can reduce or even prevent many health related diseases (e.g. Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and many more). This is why I believe this website will help you change your lifestyle for better and forever.

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Current Job Roles

Assistant lecturer and a Ph.D. researcher (physical activity and health) at Birmingham City University.

Physical activity & health promoter at “Workers Educational Association partnered with Tandursti.


  • Master (MA) degree in Sports Studies and Physical Education

  • Bachelor (BA) degree in Sport Studies

  • Associate Fellow: of The Higher Education Academy

  • 5 years of teaching in schools & clubs

  • Level 2 Football Coaching Certificate (FA)

  • Level 2 Cricket Coaching Certificate (ECB)

  • Level 2 Exercise and Fitness Instructing certificate  (QCF)

  • The Founder and former director of Safi’s Sports & Fitness


I can speak four languages such as English, Pashto, Dari, and Urdu. This gives me the advantage to communicate with members of different communities and cultures. It is also influential in relation to building rapport with participants/clients and being able to answer any questions that they may have related to their physical activity, health or my research.