New Years Resolution - Active Every Day

Many people know the benefits of engaging in regular physical activity/exercise but fewer people participate in regular physical activity around the world. According to the World Health Organisation 1 in 4 adults and 81% of the adolescents’: boys 84% and girls 78% aged 11-17 years are insufficiently active to achieve the health benefits worldwide.

Most people look forward to the New Year to review their last year's accomplishments and resolutions and set new challenges for the year ahead. Although one of the most common resolutions that people set for the New Year is to become fit and healthier this only last for the first few months and then the interest and commitments fall quite sharply. There are various factors that prevent individuals from sticking to their New Year exercise routine (i.e. time, work, family, facilities, weather and etc.). But the questions that everyone must ask themselves, is physical activity/exercise important for my health and well-being if the answer is YES. Then physical activity/exercise has to be on your 5 main daily to-do list. If the answer to this questions is NO then you need to revise back and think about it and ask yourself WHY NOT? There are 3 tips that I would recommend you to consider throughout this year.

1. Start off slow

Participating in regular physical activity/exercise can have many benefits for your overall health and well-being. Many people are excited to achieve their New Year's resolution in short time and therefore, starts to do too much at once and then give up. For an inactive person, it's important to consider that doing too much physical activity/exercises at once can result in stress and injuries. It is essential to start off with little physical activity/exercise every day (e.g. 10-15 minutes mixture of light intensity exercises such as walking, jogging, lifting light weights, press-ups, sit-ups and etc.). To keep this routine ticking then gradually increase the frequency, time as well as the intensity of the physical activity/exercises.

2. Exercise with others

Many people like to exercise with others such as family, friends, and colleagues and team sport and for various reasons (i.e. fun, competition, and enjoyment) while others like to exercise alone. The research shows that people who engaged in physical activity/exercises with others are more likely to continue and enjoy it more compare to the people who like to exercise alone. If you need an exercise buddy why not invite one of your colleague at the workplace to join you for a walk/jog in lunchtime; if that's not possible, then why not exercise with your partner or best friend at home, park, gym or wherever possible. There are so many ways you can be active and healthy but you just need to be committed and consistent to achieve the health benefits by engaging in physical activity/exercises every day. Whether exercising with others or being alone as long as your active that’s all it matters

3. Choose a healthy option

Being physically active is beneficial to one's health but making healthy choices combined with physical activity/exercise is better. You don't have to make a huge amount of changes to your diet straight away and I am not asking you to STOP EATING at all. The available unhealthy tasty options in the supermarkets, workplace canteens or even in our kitchens are really hard to avoid. But I believe that if there is a will then there is 100% a way to change it around gradually by replacing the unhealthy food and beverages to healthy ones at home and the workplace and also increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables every day.

Physical activity/exercise and making a healthy choices resolutions are not the hardest things in the world but it does require consistency and commitments. To see the positive difference you need to set realistic goals with time frames and work on it every day and remember that "Health is your Wealth".

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