Five Ways to Wellbeing

Be honest how many times you’ve mentioned or heard the term “health or healthy” but do you actually know the definition of health? If you didn’t know then don’t you worry because it’s not end of the world, and I am glad that you are reading this article because you will learn something new today.

According to the World Health Organisation, health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or illnesses”. There you go, at least you would know what health is when you hear it or saying it next time. You are not alone in this every day I am learning new things it’s all part of the day to day living.

We all know the negative side effect of technology on our daily lives and one of the many side effects is that it took the quality of our time away from us. Although it connect us to the people that are far away in distance but in turn it created a significant distance in between people that are sitting right next to us.

In this article I would like to emphasis on five ways to health and well-being

1 Connect

Let’s connect with people (i.e. family, friends, colleagues, and neighbours). You can connect with people everywhere you go (i.e. home, work, school, local community). Such connection improve your everyday lifestyle. Invest your time wisely.

2 Be Active

Again rather than sitting and watching TV, play console games, why not go out and about: Just step outside, cycle, play a game, or do gardening, dance or at least do something that keeps you moving and your enjoying it. The WHO physical activity guideline recommends that adults should engage in moderate to vigorous PA for a minimum of 30 minutes every day as well as undertaking muscles strengthen activities at least twice a week to improve and maintain health. Children must engage in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

3 Take Notice

Reflection on your experience will help you appreciate what matters to you. Be curious no matter where you are and whatever you are doing. Just enjoy the moment with friends, work, or when you’re alone. Remember “health is wealth”.

4 Keep learning

If you don’t try something new you will never discover anything except what you know already. Take different responsibility at work, community, or home. Set a challenge that you would enjoy for example run a community walking, or running clubs, cook your favourite food, play an instrument and etc. at least once a week. Learning new things will help increase your confidence.

5 Give

Sometime you would have to give more than take. Do something nice even if it’s one small thing each day or a week for example volunteer, help friend or someone else, Thank someone, if you can’t do these then at least “SMILE”. Making yourself happy is linked to the wider community and it can be incredibly rewarding and will create connections with the people around you.

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